Billion Dollar Development Begins In Williamson County

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In Dec, 2017, a ribbon cutting ceremony kicked off a 20 year, billion dollar development called Stephens Valley. It is located in north Williamson and south Davidson counties around Temple and Sneed just southeast of Bellevue.  

Homes are said to initially be in the $400,000-$1 million+ price range and by the end of the project will contain approximately 1200 homes. The initial set of 80 or so homes should be done within 18 months.

This is a beautiful area and Stephens Valley is supposed to preserve the natural aspects of the land as it will be bordered on three sides by Natchez Trace National Park. The developers have said that construction will take place on the existing farmed land and the tree lines should largely remain untouched.

The planned amenities for this community are enough to make anyone jealous. Trails, embedded parks, town center, and community gardens have all been announced. This will be a truly desirable neighborhood!

This has been a somewhat controversial development and the group, Citizens for Old Natchez Trace, have advocated for the preservation of the area. This group was successful in placing the area on the 2016 list of most endangered historic Tennessee properties. Their goals are currently stated:

As a group of citizens concerned about the impact of Rochford’s high-density subdivision on Stephens Valley, our goal is to reduce the overall impact on our community’s infrastructure, county roads and schools.  By raising community awareness, we hope to encourage Rochford to reduce the overall density as well as consider other options that would be just as profitable without affecting our community in such a devastating way.  

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Tommy Byers