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Some people try everything they can to get around the law. That results in laws that try to cover every possible situation. Lucky for us, and this article, we get to sit back and be entertained by what is illegal in our Middle Tennessee towns.

Some of these seem crazy and some are common situations you may have never known how to handle. We’re not lawyers, so don’t go pushing the limits of the law based on what we say.

Here are some interesting city laws in Franklin, TN.

Sec. 11-602

It is illegal to throw a snowball at a person, tree, or building.

Sec. 9-101

Any business advertising a “going out of business sale”, “fire sale”, or “bankrupt sale” that fails to go out of business within 90 days is breaking the law.

Sec. 11-201

It is illegal to be a fortune teller, clairvoyant, spiritualist, hypnotist, palmist, phrenologist, or any other type of mystic.

Sec. 11-801

Leaving a refrigerator, or other container that latches, unattended or abandoned in a place accessible to children is illegal unless you remove the latch.

Sec. 11-804

It is illegal to wear anything in public that covers a portion of your face and hides your identity, unless it’s for safety while working, for children under 10, or you have a special exemption for a holiday costume.

Sec 8-109

If you are a public employee or hold public office, you cannot hold a retail liquor license or be involved in a liquor store either directly or indirectly. 

Sec. 1-806

Metal detectors are illegal on city property.

Sec. 15-107

On two and three lane streets, the proper lane for travel is the right-hand lane unless otherwise clearly marked.

Sec. 15-119

Revving your engine, unnecessarily honking the horn, or screeching or squealing your tires is illegal.

Sec. 15-123

It is illegal to ride a bike and hold something in your hand.

Sec. 15-510

At an uncontrolled intersection, as in a large shopping center or mall parking lot, with no stop or yield signs, the car on the right has the right-of-way.

Sec. 9-203

No one is allowed to sell door to door without a city permit, with limited exemptions.

You may have just realized you’re a lawbreaker! It’s ok, most of these laws are in place to give the city a way to fine real offenses. We can’t imagine you would ever get a ticket for throwing a snowball at a tree. 


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