1296 Chapman’s Retreat Dr (SOLD)

How could a home feel larger and more expensive than it is? Would it be the flow - the finish - something intangible?

The interior canvas would be carefully layered. The foundation of which is a sophisticated wall color that recalls memories of a relaxing morning of mud masks and oil massages or an afternoon slowly reeling in a lure - the slightest ripple in an otherwise motionless, private pond.


An accent wall covered in shiplap-joined, wooden planks would hint at the home's Tennessee roots - the finest southern hospitality and charm.


There couldn't be any barriers between guests in the living area and the conversations that greet them in the kitchen. Nothing should hinder the movement from here to there - the visual cues from one to another.

The intelligence and thoughtfulness of the designer would be impossible to miss - no space wasted - everything to best use.

It would need plenty of space to store bread for the next phantom snowstorm, and solid cabinets and stone counters to reaffirm its stature.

Mechanically, the home would need to be reliable. It would have a new water heater and HVAC to withstand the onslaught of summer heat and blistering cold winters.

But the inside cannot be warm - healthy - without the light of a steady sun. We weren't meant to live encased in stone - gypsum - brick. The innermost reaches of this home should embrace the outside light as if reuniting with an old friend after years of involuntary separation. Windows should be plentiful - even a 2 story, grand foyer - yet balanced to contain the cool air and warmth.


We could see a maple tree keeping watch in the front yard, casting shade on a rocking chair front porch.

And on a July afternoon, should the mood strike, it might be nice to walk across the street to a pool and playground area to cool off.


We wouldn't want to worry about too much traffic in front of this house, so it should be nestled in a cul-de-sac, separated from the constant noise of rubber on pavement and internal combustion engines.

If we were to find a home - of a certain size - with such characteristics - at a certain price - then we would have found a home that felt larger and more expensive than it really was. 

Welcome to that home.

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